Check out these glowing testimonials from colleagues and past clients:
Just wanted to email to say a HUGE thank you to The Gatsbys - the music was absolutely perfect and we have received a million compliments and inquiries about where we found you guys =) It's my goal to refer you for more weddings - and selfishly, because Jay and I want to hear you again and again! Seriously - please thank everyone, you guys blew us away and totally exceeded any and all expectations!!! A MILLION thanks for making the trek out there and we hoped you guys enjoyed it as much as we did! Is there a way to buy a CD of any of your songs? I know they're on your website but I don't think you can download?

ALSO - apologies for all the female (and possibly male) sexual harassment haha - I cannot tell you HOW MANY girls came up to me asking about you guys and your "availability" =) I was like, 'Omggggggggg they're mostly married, PEOPLE!' I mean, you are a very handsome strapping bunch so who can blame them? Plus, put a guitar in a boy's hand and you've got the girls swooning!

We really enjoyed the hell out of the weekend - and you guys playing on Friday by the bonfire, out of CONTROL.

Talk soon and we'll let you know if we're about to see you at a wedding or if we're in your fine state.

Have an awesome start to summer!

Katie (+Jay) OLSEN!

Katie and Jay (Montauk, NY wedding)

"You guys were awesome! So many of our guests complimented the band and your unique sound. We could not have been happier with your performance. It was a perfect choice.

And thank you for learning all of those new songs! Eric and I spent a lot of time picking out music for the wedding and it meant a lot to us that you were willing to sing some of our favorites, as eclectic as they were.

We'll definitely recommend you guys to any of our friends!"

Jennifer and Eric (Sundance Resort Wedding- May 2009)

"The Gatsbys are hands down the best wedding band in UT, and quite arguably the best in The West...The best part about them, is they are not your typical wedding band, they do great, great, GREAT covers of current songs. If you are in the market for a wedding band to perfect the mood at your wedding, or are just looking for the official 'tallest wedding band in the world', give them a ring."

- Jonathan Canlas, the greatest wedding photographer in Utah (he's seen pretty much all the bands in the West, and is not easily dazzled)

"When we heard the Gatsbys for the very first time at a wedding show we were very impressed with their musical style. We knew right then that was exactly the kind of music we wanted at our wedding. The Gatsbys added just that special touch to our reception. People loved it and wanted to hang out forever. We still keep getting wonderful comments about how much they liked our wedding reception, and we think that is the best wedding present ever!"

-Carola, happy bride

"I just wanted to give a quick Thank You while the awesomeness of our wedding was still on my mind. If we had to do our wedding over again, we would definitely hire you guys in a heartbeat. All we heard was raves about our band and how fun the music was to dance to! And thank you Cedric for stepping up and playing Come Away with Me with Rebecca. That really meant a lot to me and Ian that you could work that out. It made me really really really happy!!"

-Nicole, very happy bride

"The Gatsbys are a great band whose smooth vocals and unique instrumentality will bring spirit, class and fun to any type of event. The guys are personable, fun, flexible and professional. We could not have been more pleased with their performance and their customer relations. They create the greatest atmosphere for any setting. We love the Gatsbys--they rock!! Thanks for being a part of our day and making it so special."

-Chris and Ashley, happy bride and groom

"The Gatsbys were amazing! They were able to set the mood for our wedding reception and carried it long into the night. The wedding party and all that attended were so happy with the great ambiance and mood that was set by the band. The Gatsbys were able to play so many different instruments that the music was constantly changing and kept the crowd entertained along with the incredible voices that each member has. The band was even able to adapt after being moved due to rain and were so kind to keep playing in less than perfect conditions. I wish I had a wedding every day because I would love this band to play for us all the time. If you desire a romantic and fun evening then I would recommend this band to you. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!"

-Kadee, stressed and impressed wedding planner

Gatsbys Cash!

Starting Thanksgiving Day 2009, the Gatsbys will be offering a $150 referral bonus! It’s simple…refer a friend or family member to the Gatsbys, and once the event has been booked, you get $150! And there’s no limit! Refer 8 friends, get $1,200! Refer 1,000 friends, get $150,000! This is beginning to sound like a pyramid scheme, but don’t worry, it’s totally legit. Once your referral has officially booked with the Gatsbys, we’ll send you $150.

Small Print

To claim the referral bonus, the costumer MUST mention you as the referrer at time of booking. The $150 bonus will be paid in the form of a Visa gift card that can be used at nearly any location in the country. Referral bonus will not be paid until the Gatsbys have received a deposit from the costumer.